The Samoa Audit Office ended its financial year with a prize-giving ceremony following the Office's internal assessments of each division's performance. The awards acknowledged teams' contributions and achievements for the 12 months reviewed - July 2020 to June 2021. 

The Communications and Stakeholder Relations Division was awarded the Division with the Best Quantity, Best Timeliness, and Best Overall Division. The Information Communication and Technology Division was awarded the Second Best Overall Division. The Strategic Planning and Corporate Services Division was a consistent performer and awardee - they were awarded the Division with the Highest Output and was also the Third Best Overall Division. The Public Bodies Audits Division also maintained their high performance standard by taking the Best Quality award. 

The Office's social fund provided the Divisions' prizes as well as the feast that followed that was prepared in recognition of everyone's hard work and the end of the financial year. 

Awards presented:
Highest output - SPCS Division
Best quantity - CSR Division
Best quality - PBA Division
Best timeliness - CSR Division
Best overall - 1. CSR Division; 2. ICT Division; 3. SPCS Division

(Top-Bottom: CSR Division, ICTI Division Director, SPCS Division, PBA Division)