On the 28th May 2021, several members of the Samoa Audit Office joined other SAI members from around the Pacific in an online workshop hosted by PASAI on improving interpersonal communications for auditors.

The focus of the Interpersonal Communication Skills for Auditors workshop was on improving participants’ “soft skills”, valuable and needed in a professional audit environment when communicating with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Making a good impression, actively listening, using effective non-verbal communication methods, building rapport with others, and presenting themselves confidently were also key outcomes for the workshop.

As PASAI explained it, SAIs play an important role in providing Parliament and members of the public with information on the government’s ability to manage public resources. In engaging with a wide range of colleagues and stakeholders on a daily basis, effective interpersonal communication is critical. The soft skills taught and learned in the workshop are essential to being a successful auditor as technical capabilities and can impact an auditor’s effectiveness in their work.


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