The Census, Survey and Demography (CSD)  of Samoa Bureau of Statistic (SBS) conducted the PHC 2021 Questionnaire Consultation Workshop at TATTE Convention Centre, on the 20th - 23rd April 2021.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide awareness and obtain feedback from the four major sectors namely Social, Economic, Infrastructure and Environment that can contribute in finalising the national priority data needs which can be collected from the PHC 2021. 

The four days workshop from 9am to 1pm was led and facilitated by the Assistant Chief Executive Officer (ACEO) of the Corporate Services Division.

Day 2 of the workshop, 21st April 2021, was arranged for all Economic Sectors and their Implementing Partners. The participants were divided into groups according to the 5 sectors namely for Economic - Finance, Agriculture, Trade and Commerce, Tourism & Public Administration and conducted open discussions about the following focus areas:

  1. Questions to collect National Indicators (SDS)
  2. Questions to collect Sector Indicators (Sector Plan)
  3. Questions to collect Regional and Global Indicators (SDGs and other Global Frameworks)

During the group discussions, each participant reflected, combined and shared what they had learnt. The groups presented their activities in which they raised concerns and made suggestions for improvement to the PHC 2021- questionnaire. For instance, suggestions to include extra questions under Section O of the questionnaire to capture employment from the tourism industry, changes to ensure questions and titles in English and Samoan versions were linked and so forth. 

The workshop wrapped up with an individual written evaluation by each participant. The facilitator showed her gratitude to the participants and their respective Ministry/Organisation for their continuous involvement and participation in improving the Census data collection.

The key messages from SBS - CSD Division, PHC 2021 are stated below:

  • The Population and Housing Census is held every 5 years.
  • Responses to the Population and Housing Census will improve the development of Samoa.
  • All responses to the Population and Housing Census will be held strictly confidential under the Statistic Act 2015
  • Participation in the Census is Compulsory under the Statistics Act 2015.

Photographs of the Workshop (Photo credit: SBS - Population and Housing Census 2021)



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