The Samoa Audit Office held its bi-annual Office Prize-giving Ceremony on Friday, 5th February 2021. The awards acknowledge teams' contributions and performance for the last 6 months reviewed - July to December 2020. 

The Strategic Planning and Corporate Services Division was awarded the Division with the Highest Output, Best Quantity, and Best Overall Division. The Special Audits Unit was awarded the Second Best Overall Division. The Public Bodies Audits Division was awarded the Division with the Best Quality, Best Timeliness, and the Third Best Overall Division. 

The ceremony was especially significant as it also marked the handing over of the ACAG role by the previous ACAG, Jaslyn Mariner-Leota, to the newly delegated ACAG, Marshall Maua. Mr. Maua has been with the Samoa Audit Office since 2004. He was previously the Director of the Public Bodies Audits Division from 2019 until his new delegation. He is a Certified Accountant with the Samoa Institute of Accountants, and is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. His predecessor, Ms. Mariner-Leota held the ACAG role from January 2019 until January 2021. 

The ceremony ended on Friday with a feast prepared by the newly promoted officers of the Samoa Audit Office.

Awards and Recipient Divisions:
Highest output - SPCS Division
Best quantity - SPCS Division
Best quality - PBA Division
Best timeliness - PBA Division
Best overall - 1. SPCS Division; 2. SA Unit; 3. PBA Division


Images from the ceremony on Friday:



The awardees: