The Executive comprises of the Controller and Auditor General, Assistant Controller and Auditor General, 
Directors, Managers, Principals & Seniors.DefSports: Sportswear bei DefShop entdecken
    • Fuimaono Mata

      Fuimaono Mata'afa Papali’i C.G. Afele

      Controller & Auditor General
    • Petelo Leota

      Petelo Leota

      Director of Information and Communication Technologies
    • Terence Sua

      Terence Sua

      Assistant Controller & Auditor General
    • Oceanbaby Penitito

      Oceanbaby Penitito

      Director of Performance & Environmental Audit
    • Malili Chou Lee

      Malili Chou Lee

      Director of Compliance Audit Unit
    • Roseanne Faaui

      Roseanne Faaui

      Director of Public Bodies Audits
    • Paula Tumua

      Paula Tumua

      Director of Ministries, Projects, and Public Accounts Audits
    • Ah Siu Lin

      Ah Siu Lin

      Director of Special Audits Unit
    • Norris Mitchell

      Norris Mitchell

      Director of Strategic Planning & Corporate Services Division
    • Andrew Bourne

      Andrew Bourne

      Director of Information Technology Audits
    • Nafanua Tualatamalelagi

      Nafanua Tualatamalelagi

      Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
    • Marino Sam Chong

      Marino Sam Chong

      Audit Manager
    • Andrew Bourne

      Andrew Bourne

      Audit Manager
    • Malili Chou Lee

      Malili Chou Lee

      Audit Manager
    • Sosoli Etilasi

      Sosoli Etilasi

      Audit Manager
    • Faatupuinati Ioane

      Faatupuinati Ioane

      Audit Manager
    • Velmar Levasa

      Velmar Levasa

      Principal Auditor
    • Frances Iosefa

      Frances Iosefa

      Audit Manager
    • Faamaile Latu

      Faamaile Latu

      Director for National Integrity and Security Audits
    • Ivan Tone

      Ivan Tone

      Audit Manager
    • Afulilo Tuitama

      Afulilo Tuitama

      Principal Analyst
    • Annie Frances Leitupo

      Annie Frances Leitupo

      Manager Accounts Officer
    • Menime Phillip

      Menime Phillip

      Senior Auditor
    • Saline Faolotoi

      Saline Faolotoi

      Principal Auditor
    • Suafai Togia

      Suafai Togia

      Senior Auditor
    • Torise Luagia Panapa

      Torise Luagia Panapa

      Principal Auditor
    • Fuarosa Sau

      Fuarosa Sau

      Senior Auditor
    • Katie Sua

      Katie Sua

      Senior Analyst



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